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Hailing from the city of Liverpool, this young singer-songwriter has recently captivated audiences, young and old, from all over the UK and Ireland. Gaining influences from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan. 


Starting out in 2017, Charlie Reader has crafted an original and pleasantly full sound for just one man on stage. With an acoustic guitar at the helm of his performances, he also uses a kick drum and foot tambourine to supply an extra thump and drive to his energetic live set. His use of a vocal harmony pedal truly expands the vocal capabilities to a level expected from a full band. No loops, no pre-recordings, just live, passionate performances. 


After working with Mumford & Sons on a film project in 2019, Charlie has been busy in the studio during lockdown whilst picking up a committed following on both social media and at gigs alike. After three years of grafting, with over 400 gigs and a bucket-full of songs at his disposal, Charlie is ready to make 2021 his year.



Full Biography //


With parents from Liverpool, born in Saudi Arabia and spending the majority of his childhood living in Germany, Charlie had a somewhat adventurous upbringing. Whilst living in Monchengladbach in Germany, at the age of 10, he joined his local amateur theatre - it was around this time he also picked up a guitar for the first time. Charlie later moved back to the UK at the age of 14, with his mother and little sister. With no local theatre groups to join, Charlie began to focus more and more on his guitar. It wasn't long until he began to find his voice and began singing at school and social events with friends.


Following the completion of his GCSE's, Charlie decided to go on to study Music Practice at College, as music and performance had truly become his one and only passion. During this time, he joined a band and began gaining valuable experiences which would later go on to shape the artist that we know today. After 3 years as part of an acoustic trio, at the age of 20, Charlie made the leap of faith and began his solo venture.


The singer-songwriter received vast amounts of support from friends, family and followers alike during his new solo project. Throughout the last 3 years, Charlie has developed into a well-experienced solo performer, gaining many followers along the way. 


With hundreds of gigs and plenty of new songs under his belt, Charlie is currently preparing to take his career to the next level and become a professional recording and touring artist. Watch this space.


Reviews //


“Perfectly marrying rich open tunings, strong vocal performance across several styles, charm and bucketloads of charisma to captivate a room, like he’s been doing it his whole life. Excellent.”


“Charlie played at my Wedding and was amazing, my guests were never off the dance floor. If you want a singer for your wedding then you need to book him.”


“Wow. Charlie is a very talented lad - he had us listening to every track he performed. If you want someone who can genuinely play and sound fantastic then please book him. P.S. his own tracks are awesome.”


“Had the pleasure of filming a video for Charlie, top bloke with some real catchy tunes! One take wonder which always helps and all, highly recommend Charlie for any event you may have!”


“We try and get to as many of Charlie's gigs as we can. He never fails to provide fabulous entertainment and puts his heart and soul into his performances. A true professional, I would highly recommend him for any occasion.”


“Charlie is extremely talented and covers a wide genre of music to suit all tastes. Have heard Charlie on numerous occasions in Kash 22, our local where he always creates a brilliant atmosphere. Would recommend Charlie to everyone.”


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