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Artist/Management - Charlie Reader

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Charlie Reader is a 25 year old singer-songwriter from Liverpool, taking a wide range of influences from the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Mumford & Sons to name a few.


Perfectly marrying rich open acoustic tunings with powerful yet catchy vocal melodies, Charlie has made a name for himself across the UK and Ireland. His charismatic performances blended with his foot-stomping upbeat style has led to him performing over 180 shows across the UK and Ireland in 2019 alone. Throughout the past three years, Charlie has developed a back catalogue of tracks and is in the process of preparing for major releases in 2021.


Having worked with Mumford & Sons on their latest film project during their 2019 world tour, Charlie has gone on to release his debut single in 2020 and performed at legendary venues such as: The Albert Hall, The Cavern Club and The Deaf Institute. He has also gained backing from BBC Radio Merseyside, featuring frequently on the station with live sessions on Jenny Lee Summers' afternoon shows.

Latest Releases

'Morning Light' dives into Charlie’s private and personal struggles as an adolescent thrown into the modern society of the UK after a somewhat sheltered upbringing in Western Germany. The world that he had grown up in for 14 years had suddenly seemingly fallen apart, with his parents separating and family torn apart. This song however, isn't as much of a sob story but a song of a journey, and a message to say that things can and do get better and make you far stronger in the end.

By sheer coincidence, 'Home' was planned for an April release since late December, and yet during lockdown, a song called 'Home' seemed so relevant it was almost meant to be! 

It was apparent that an upbeat, feel-good tune was just the thing Charlie needed to release during this difficult time, to hopefully raise people's spirits. This song is devoted to all the euphoric feelings that come with meeting that special someone and how being with them makes you feel at home.

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Press Coverage & Reviews

Chris Hawkins (BBC 6 Music)

"Charlie is a talented guy. Great voice and nice catchy tunes."

Jenny Lee Summers (BBC Radio Merseyside)

"Oh wow! He can't half write a catchy tune.'

Mal Keenan (Softlad Promotions)

"Charlie Reader - Morning Light - you'll be hard pressed to find music as energetic, full of character and attitude from a solo artist than this track. Charlie has focused his influences from the likes of Mumford and Sons, The Beatles and Bob Dylan, to name a few, and created a track moulded into his own style and performance. His unique singing style introduces us to the song full of power, talent and range. You'd be fooled into thinking you were listening to a chart topper with how professional this track sounds with tonally appealing harmonies, kick drum and expertly strummed guitar. His voice while sounding fresh and modern has hints of a a country twang giving the song a folksy tone throughout. The song leaves me for one wanting more and I can't wait to see what's on offer from Charlie in future releases."

“Perfectly marrying rich open tunings, strong vocal performance across several styles, charm and bucketloads of charisma to captivate a room, like he’s been doing it his whole life. Excellent.”


“Charlie played at my Wedding and was amazing, my guests were never off the dance floor. If you want a singer for your wedding then you need to book him.”


“Wow. Charlie is a very talented lad - he had us listening to every track he performed. If you want someone who can genuinely play and sound fantastic then please book him. P.S. his own tracks are awesome.”


“Had the pleasure of filming a video for Charlie, top bloke with some real catchy tunes! One take wonder which always helps and all, highly recommend Charlie for any event you may have!”


“We try and get to as many of Charlie's gigs as we can. He never fails to provide fabulous entertainment and puts his heart and soul into his performances. A true professional, I would highly recommend him for any occasion.”


“Charlie is extremely talented and covers a wide genre of music to suit all tastes. Have heard Charlie on numerous occasions in Kash 22, our local where he always creates a brilliant atmosphere. Would recommend Charlie to everyone.”

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